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Stiven Schneider
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Stiven Schneider
(Юриспруденция, Schneider Associates,, Finance manager)

Страна:Чехия, Prague
Сфера деятельностиЮриспруденция
Место работы:Schneider Associates,
ДолжностьFinance manager
На сайте с20-03-2011
Был на сайте:20-03-2011 21:09:00

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Информация о себе
     Shneider &Associates is one of the largest and most respected Immigration Firms in the Country. We are a government licensed immigration, international assignment, visa and study consultancy office located at Prague Czech Republic and Germany. For over 15 years we have represented clients from around the world, including Professionals, large multi-national corporations, small businesses, celebrities, athletes, and those individuals who require immigration assistance for their families.
     We provide our Clients with unparalleled Service and Results in an expeditious and professional manner. We offer a Full range of Immigration Legal Services. Our firm offers businesses of all sizes with the resources necessary to provide efficient, cost-effective legal services. In addition, the Firm has a team of attorneys specializing in complex immigration matters, obtaining approvals for "difficult" or "impossible" cases. We have successfully reversed many denied petitions on legal grounds.
     Shneider &Associates is dedicated to offering the most complete and experienced immigration legal support for all our clients. We pride ourselves on having the most up to date information regarding Immigration Laws, Rules, Regulations and Policies.
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